Student of the Month 2023 - 2024

Student of the Month

 Gold stars falling from the top and student of the month written below in black 

What does it mean to be Student of the Month?

The Student of the Month Program, is a way to acknowledge and celebrate individual achievement. The Student of the Month helps create a culture of learning that values academic success, as well as elevates awareness of student contributions to the learning environment.

We develop our students’ talents, celebrates their diversity and provides them with every opportunity to meet and exceed the standards through rigorous and culturally relevant education while fostering a community of collaboration and professional learning.

Student of the month is one way in celebrating our students' achievement by acknowledging there hard work through monthly student of the month celebration. Each class teacher choose a student for student of the month and they receive a certificate and  a virtual celebration with parents, staff and students.

We are very proud of all our students and their academics achievements.

We look forward to our monthly celebration for our students to cheer them on.